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NSW Government recognises ANSTO for Dharawal support

The Hon Melanie Gibbons MP, Member for Holsworthy, has awarded ANSTO a Community Recognition Statement from the NSW State Parliament for supporting the launch a new Dharawal language learning resource for preschool and primary-aged students.

“I commend ANSTO for creating such an important resource for our local children so they can appreciate our Aboriginal culture and heritage,” said Ms Gibbons.

The Community Recognition Statement is part of the official business of parliament, the Legislative Hansard record and is available online at

Dharawal words, phrases and activities
The resource is available from the ANSTO Shop

ANSTO provided funding for the printing of the new resource and a Dharawal counting and colouring book that are contributing to the revival of the Dharawal language. Dharawal, Words, Phrases and Activities was compiled and edited by Dr Jodi Edwards and illustrated by Merindah Funnell in association with Elder Aunty Barb Simms.  ANSTO hosted the launch of the book at the nandin Innovation Centre on the Lucas Heights campus in 2022. 

Dharawal book launch
(left to right) Mary Jacobs, Aunty Dolly, John Bursill, Merindah Funnell, Aunty Barb Simms, Dr Jodi Edwards, Minister for Inidgenous Australians the Hon Linda Burney MP, Tahlia King and Shaun Jenkinson at the launch

Dharawal is the First Nations language spoken in the electorate of Holsworthy.

ANSTO’s commitment to the recognition of Aboriginal culture extends to several spheres of activity, and it is captured in ANSTO’s Reconciliation Action Plan (which is currently being updated).

The publication is available from the ANSTO Shop


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