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Platypus - Neutron Reflectometer

Platypus passes milestone of 100 papers

Growing list of publications is linked to reliability of the instrument and reactor operation allied with a maturing using community.

The Platypus Neutron Reflectometer has recently surpassed the 100 journal papers mark with an average journal Impact Factor of 4.74.  This work has been published in journals ranging from the physics area through soft matter life sciences/biology.   Work on Platypus covers a wide range of topics from magnetic thin films, important for development of the next generation data storage devices, through polymer thin films, biosensors and model cell membranes and interactions with novel anti-bacterial and/or –microbial agents.

Reliable instrument and reactor operation allied with a maturing using community has seen 2017 yield the high number of publications with 2018, already in second place. 

"We acknowledge the fundamental role the user community has played in this is look forward to future success," said Dr Jamie Schulz, Leader, Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering 

Platypus publications


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