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Proposed new ANSTO waste facility

The independent nuclear regulator, ARPANSA, is currently accepting submissions about ANSTO’s planned $59.8 million Intermediate Level Solid Waste Storage Facility.

For more than 60 years, ANSTO has safely managed radioactive waste treatment and interim storage facilities on our Lucas Heights campus in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Based on current projections for certain streams, storage facilities will be at full capacity from 2027. This new facility will hold those materials including:

  • Spent Uranium Filter (SUF) cups generated in the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine which are welded into storage vessels and stored in tubes.
  • Cans of medical waste which have been treated with ANSTO’s Synroc technology, making it solid, compacted and ready for storage in a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

“ANSTO has a very long and successful partnership with our local community and council, and we’re one of the largest employers in the Sutherland Shire,” an ANSTO spokesperson said.

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss these plans with our community, and invite them to view information on the ARPANSA website.”

The direct link where people can see information about the proposal and make a submission is

The spokesperson said the facility proposed for our Lucas Heights campus, and the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in South Australia, are very different, complementary plans.

“We absolutely stand with our community and council about the need for the waste we produce, which is directly linked to nuclear medicine production, to be sent to a national waste facility.

“ANSTO welcomes the recent progress made by the Federal Government to progress the establishment of a national waste facility, with a site now identified in South Australia, legislation passed, and consultation due to end soon.

“The proposed new ANSTO storage facility is by no means able to replace what is required from a national waste facility.

“The proposed new Lucas Heights facility will be for preliminary waste storage and the interim management of the waste by-products that come directly from the manufacturing of nuclear medicines each week.  It will complement the capacity of an existing facility that will fill by 2027.

“The national facility proposed for South Australia is for long-term storage of that intermediate-level waste and others spread around the country. It has a different design and function.

“We value the support from our community, and welcome the opportunity to discuss these plans and the importance of a national facility further.”

Media Contact | ANSTO | Phil McCall 0438 619 987