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RemLife: the Aussie software behind power station maintenance

It is an Aussie development offering significant benefits to industry. RemLife is an innovative software tool developed at ANSTO for use at power stations to help maintain plant components and improve the efficiency of operations—including conventional power stations, combined cycle heat steam recovery boilers and nuclear power stations. 

Materials that are subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures undergo changes that must be monitored. 
RemLife calculates the damage that power station components sustain during operating cycles and can be used to predict how long the plant can operate safely.  
Join us on 6 July for an innovative talk on the subject from Dr Warwick Payten.  
Event details

Location: AINSE Theatre (in front of the cafe), ANSTO, New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights
Date: 6 July 
Time: 11am (morning tea will be provided at 10:30am)


 Dr Payten has over 25 years of experience in the field of Finite Element Analysis of structures and components and has authored numerous papers and has two patents.
As part of his involvement with the power industry he has developed RemLife a software package that is a simulator for nuclear, solar thermal, coal and gas combined cycle power stations that calculates the damage from unit cycling and then assesses the costs of the chosen cycling regime. 
Winner of ANSTO's inaugural George Collins Award for his inspired work on the Remlife software, he will discuss Remlife's ability to break down a complex plant into simple components enabling the technology to make a quick and accurate assessment of component damage based on operating conditions without testing it in real life.