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Using the power of computing to analyse the structure of materials in extreme environments

Although more than half Michael Saleh’s modelling of advanced structural materials is classified or in-confidence, his contributions to conferences, papers and, most recently, a book chapter, in the public domain have earned him a series of distinguished awards.

Most recently he received an Early Career Award in Nuclear Science and Technology from ANSTO, where he has worked since 2009 on the structural analysis of materials in extreme environments using computational methods. Saleh investigates high strain rate material deformation and failure modelling for applications at ANSTO and external partners.

Using powerful computational techniques known as Finite Element Analysis, (FEA), Saleh is able to mathematically model and numerically solve very complex structural, fluid and multi-physics problems in a virtual environment.

“It gives us a good understanding of the properties of a material and its behaviour under specific conditions,” said Saleh.

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