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Services - Skia

Sample environments available

Code Name Description Temp Range
AVM-112T asym.,

vertical field magnet
12 Tesla vertical field re-condensing magnet:

0.5T/min; it can accommodate dilution fridge


bottom loader
Standard bottom loader for SIKA can reach 750K

with high T insert; Can be used with electric field equipment

bottom loader
Pooled bottom loader for general use can reach

750K with the high T insert


Top loading 
Top Loading AS Scientific Cryofurnace, it can reach

750K with full rang sample stick
4K to 750K

Top loading 
Top Loading cryostat, it can be used with 8T

vertical field cryomagnet
2K to 300K


Dilution fridgeDilution fridge can be used drop the minimum

temperature to 0.05K

Min: 0.05K
F-1ILL-type vacuum furnace

The 1600°C ILL-type high vacuum furnace is

heated by passing up to 300 A through a

thin niobium element.
Max: 1600°C
OC-1Orange CryostatLiquid-helium-cooled orange cryostat

OS-1He-3 one-shot fridgeHelium 3 cooled one shot fridge to be

used with the orange cryostat OC-1
0.5K FOR 8hrs
VD-1XCS vapour delivery systemThe Hiden Isochema XCS system is available

for in-situ static or dynamic vapour delivery

provides a maximum rate of 500 mL per minute

Max: 50°

Heavy loading sample stage

Sika heavy loading stage

Tilt angle range:

Lower tilt angle : ± 15º

XYZ Translation:

X travel range: ± 25 mm

Y travel range: ± 25 mm

Z travel range: ± 20 mm

Sample Rotation (_):

Rotation range: ± 180º

Weight Capability:

With 5 Axes goniometer stage: 150 kg

S1 rotary stage: 650 kg

Data analysis

Sika data plotting

The Sika Analysis Software for data plotting and fitting is user-friendly