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Synchrotron Building - Mezzanine
Australian Synchrotron

Synchrotron commercial services

Fast data

Highly customisable sample environments for in situ measurements

World class

State of the art high resolution diffraction detector

Extreme sensitivity

Able to detect crystalline phases to a minimum of 0.5wt%

ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron has a dedicated high resolution powder diffraction beamline to study the structure of materials, and identify and quantify components in a mixture.

Commercial services with the Australian Synchrotron customized experimental facilities in Melbourne provide an impressive array of non-destructive, high resolution, rapid, in-situ, real-time imaging and analysis techniques. These generate elemental, structural and chemical information from diverse sample types ranging from living cells to advanced materials, industrial components and mineral processes. The unique properties of Synchrotron light mean that experimental results are far superior in accuracy, clarity, specificity and timeliness to those obtained using conventional laboratory equipment.

Commercial access gives you

  • Confidentiality
  • IP protection
  • Fast & guaranteed access 
  • Highly qualified & experienced staff 

Full service

We can work with you through all steps of the experiment, from design to beamline access to data analysis


Sample can be mailed to us so you do not have to attend onsite

Beamtime only

Quick and easy access to beamtime if you prefer to run your own experiment

Commercial Technical Consultant

Discuss commercial access and our capabilities.

Contact us

New user? We can determine what technique is needed and design the experiment for your scientific problem. 

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