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Radioisotopes lab


By irradiating targets in the world-class OPAL research reactor, a diverse set of radioisotopes, primarily for nuclear medicine, are available for a variety of applications and for research.

Radioisotope Half life Emission type Application
Chromium-51 27.7 days γ Tracing
Cobalt-57 271.8 days (EC), γ Tracing
Copper-64 12.7 hours β+, β- PET imaging
Gallium-67 3.26 days (EC), γ SPECT imaging
Gallium-68 68.3 minutes β+ PET imaging
Holmium-166 26.8 hours β-γ Therapy
Indium-111 2.8 days (EC), γ SPECT imaging
Iodine-123 13.2 hours (EC), γ SPECT imaging
Iodine-124 4.2 days β+ PET imaging
Iodine-125 60 days γ Tracing
Iodine-131 8.02 days β-γ Therapy
Lutetium-177 6.65 days β-γ SPECT imaging/therapy
Samarium-153 46.3 hours β-γ Therapy
Scandium-47 3.35 days β-γ Therapy
Technetium-99m 6.01 hours γ SPECT imaging
Terbium-161 6.9 days β-γ Therapy
Yttrium-86 14.74 hours β+ PET imaging
Zirconium-89 3.3 days β+ PET imaging

To complement this suite of emerging, noncommercially available OPAL-produced radioisotopes, we are working to extend this range by accessing.

  • ANSTO commercial
  • National partner cyclotrons
  • Imports from international commercial radioisotope vendors
  • Imports from collaborative international research reactors and accelerators

The availability of these radioisotopes will differ significantly depending on reactor and cyclotron scheduling and demand for non-routine custom irradiated products.

Fundamental to this capability, ANSTO provides well-equipped, licensed facilities and highly trained staff to handle SPECT-, PET- and therapeutically relevant radionuclides.

ANSTO also operates the National Research Cyclotron Facility providing fluorine-18 and carbon-11 for research.

Please confirm the availability of your selected radioisotope with your ANSTO contact before submitting your proposal.