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Particle Therapy

Particle Therapy

ANSTO and representatives from leading Australian hospitals, research centres, universities and industry are proposing the establishment of a new National Particle Treatment and Research Centre to deliver advanced cancer treatment based on a leading-edge technology, carbon ion therapy, to improve patient outcomes and generate internationally-recognised scientific, engineering and industrial research.

There is a significant group of Australians with cancer today, and in the future, who could benefit from treatment with carbon ions. This form of particle therapy offers an alternative to those who cannot be treated with conventional radiation therapies using x-rays. It can potentially be used to treat cancers located near vital body organs and radiation-resistant tumours.

Because an accelerated carbon ion delivers many times more energy than an x-ray or a proton, it potentially has unique clinical advantages for the treatment of cancers resistant to conventional treatment.

Representatives from Australian hospitals, research centres and universities are supporting the establishment of the centre. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists Faculty of Radiation Oncology supports patient access to particle therapy and an investigation into the establishment of a centre. The project also has a commitment from a diverse range of potential service partners and stakeholders, including the Weatmead Precinct.

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