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Dr Anton P J Stampfl

Dr Anton Stampfl
Dr Anton P J Stampfl
Senior Instrument Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Anton is an experimental solid state physicist working in the field of neutron, electron, and photon-based instrumentation and measurement. He has built and developed a variety of UHV photoemission spectrometers, as well as other synchrotron-based, and recently neutron-based instrumentation that is being used at different international facilities. Over six hundred experiments have been conducted in the last 15 years on instruments that he built and developed.

Anton is currently President of the Vacuum Society of Australia and the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Application (IUVSTA) councillor for Australia.

He is also currently one of the scientific contacts on TAIPAN, a thermal neutron triple-axis spectrometer and filter spectrometer.


A list of his current research can be found here.


  • International authority in photoemission spectroscopy, x-ray imaging and synchrotron radiation techniques
  • International expert in surface science
  • International expert in vacuum science and technology
  • Australian expert in neutron spectroscopy
  • Leadership
  • Building scientific communities around a method, technique/instrument, suite of instruments in a facility environment
  • Leading/managing a medium size scientific/technology society
  • Management
  • Scientific facility operations
  • Instrument design, development, deployment
  • Management of $50k-$3.5M projects
  • Multiple academic research projects involving small groups (3-10 people)
  • Obtaining research funding

Qualifications and Achievements

  • President of the Vacuum Society of Australia 2015-present
  • Australian councillor for IUVSTA 2016-2019
  • Responsible scientist/Project Manager for the build and commissioning of the Be-filter spectrometer on TAIPAN 2009-2015
  • Senior Instrument Scientist, TAIPAN 2009-present
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney 2003-2013
  • NSRRC (Taiwan) Program Coordinator for the ASRP 2003-2009
  • Senior Research Scientist ANSTO 2001-2009
  • ASRP staff scientist based at Argonne National Laboratory, USA 1998-2002
  • Research Scientist, ASRP, Physics Division ANSTO 1998-2000
  • ARC fellow, La Trobe University, Physics 1995-1997. Based in Berlin. Running experiments at BESSY. 
  • Visiting scientist at FHI Berlin, Surface Physics, 1995-1998
  • Visiting scientist at the Free University in Berlin, Physics Department working with Professor Ludger Woeste. 1995
  • Scientist (BAT-IIA) at Fritz-Haber Institut - Surface Physics 1992-1995
  • Max Planck fellow in Alex Bradshaw’s Surface Physics department at the Fritz-Haber Institute (MPG) Berlin. 1990-1992
  • PhD - Physics (Commonwealth scholarship) 1986-1989
  • Masters - Physics (La Trobe University scholarship) 1983-1985
  • Demonstrator/Tutor of Physics, School of Physics, La Trobe University 1983-1985
  • Over 120 papers published in international journals