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Dr Chris Griffith

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Dr Chris Griffith

Principal Consultant

Dr. Chris Griffith is a Senior Process Chemist and a Principal Consultant within the Minerals area. His role encompasses a wide range of activities including desktop assessment of prospective projects, mineralogy, beneficiation, flowsheet selection and definition, radioactivity deportment/management and continuous piloting for demonstration and design purposes. 

After some time at the University of Sydney in a Post-Doctoral research position, Chris took up a position at ANSTO working on the development of novel hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical separation technologies applicable to current and advanced nuclear fuel cycles. Chris took the opportunity to join the minerals business unit in 2008 to broaden his process development skills in a more wide-reaching industrial context, which spans a number of strategic and technologically important commodities and in this time has also made a large contribution to the process development efforts on numerous projects for the extraction of rare earths, lithium, zirconium, and niobium.