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Dr Daryl Howard

Dr Daryl Howard

Dr Daryl Howard

Senior Scientist - X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy

Role at ANSTO

Daryl Howard is a Senior Scientist at the X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron.    Working in collaboration with the Australia and international research community, Daryl helps visiting researchers make the most of their time at the synchrotron before, during, and after experiments at the XFM Beamline. He also shares responsibility for the maintenance and development of the instrumentation of this valuable research tool.

Daryl's PhD research specialised in infrared and near-infrared laser  spectroscopy complemented with computational chemistry methods.  Now in the area of X-ray research methods, his research interests include large area elemental mapping and XANES imaging techniques applied to a variety of sample types.  Fields of research include cultural heritage, environmental change and forensics, to name a few.


X-ray fluorescence microscopy methods, XANES imaging, cultural materials analysis

Qualifications & Distinctions

  • Graduate Certificate of Brewing, Federation University (2016)
  • CSIRO Research achievement medal, Maia X-ray microprobe and imaging system team (2012)
  • PhD Physical Chemistry, University of Otago (2006)