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Dioni Cendon

Dr Dioni Cendon

Senior Research Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Dr. Dioni I. Cendon is a environmental research scientist. Obtained a BSc in Geology (Crystallography and Mineralogy) from the UAB (Barcelona, Spain) in 1992. He undertook pre-doctoral studies in Crystallography solving structures of para-disubstituted benzene compounds. 

Doctoral studies followed at the Institute of Earth Sciences (IJA/CSIC) on the isotopic evolution of sulfate in seawater during the Cenozoic.  

Dioni was awarded his Ph.D. in 1999 from University of Barcelona (UB). Lectured at University of Technology, Sydney from 2000 to 2002 and continued his research at U. of Wollongong as a result of a successful ARC-Discovery grant researching the Quaternary record of the Gulf of Carpentaria and the hydrogeochemical input of rivers in the Carpentaria watershed. 

He joined ANSTO in 2006. His broad research interests are in hydrogeochemistry of surface, groundwaters and evaporitic deposits, stable isotope geochemistry and analytical techniques.