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Dr Elle Livio

Dr Elle Livio
Dr Elle Livio
Post Doctoral Fellow - In Vivo Biologist
Role at ANSTO

Elle is an in vivo biologist at ANSTO Human Health. Elle is part of the multi-disciplinary Neutron Capture Enhanced Particle Therapy (NCEPT) team that is working towards clinical translation of this innovative treatment for caners of poor prognosis.

Elle's current research involves in vivo and ex vivo characterisation of novel neutron capture agents (NCAs) and rodent cancer models in response to NCEPT treatments. 

  • In vivo biology including small animal handling, injections, biological sample collection, minor surgical procedures, biodistribution studies
  • Molecular biology including qPCR, Western Blotting and protein assays
  • Ex vivo techniques including tissue cryo-sectioning and histology
  • R modelling for data analysis and presentation
Qualifications and Achievements
  • PhD, Western Sydney University, Australia (2019)
  • BSc Honours (First Class), Western Sydney University, Australia (2015)
  • BSc (Advanced Science) with Distinction, Western Sydney University, Australia (2014)