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Dr Emily Finch

Dr Emily Finch

Beamline Scientist - ANSTO

Dr Finch’s research background is in geology. She completed her PhD at Monash University and has hunted for rocks in places like Scotland, Norway, and New Zealand to learn more about how metals move around Earth’s crust. These metals are crucial for green technologies like solar panels and wind turbines. By understanding how metals move around the crust, researchers like Emily can better predict where to explore for them. This work is becoming increasingly important as the known supply of minerals needed to make green technologies is shrinking and current methods of exploration cannot keep up with increasing demand.

Emily loves using evidence to solve puzzles, which she’s done in both geology and science policy. In her policy roles, Emily worked on the Women in STEM Decadal Plan: an Australian Government-commissioned project to attract more women into science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers, and improve equity in STEM workplaces. Emily is an enthusiastic advocate for intersectional diversity and inclusion in STEM workplaces and is passionate about highlighting the amazing work of women in STEM careers.


Metamorphic rocks, geological hydrothermal fluids, critical minerals