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Dr Floriana Salvemini

Dr Floriana Salvemini
Instrument Scientist

Dr Filomena Floriana Salvemini is an instrument scientist on the neutron imaging instrument DINGO. She has recently joined the Bragg Institute, having previously worked as a Ph.D. research fellow at the University of Florence, conducting her activities at the Institute of Complex System (ISC)National Research Council (CNR) in Sesto Fiorentino. She brings expertise in the area of neutron imaging and diffraction for the investigation of Cultural Heritage, physical metallurgy and archaeometallurgy. In addition she has a strong interest in the application of non-invasive techniques for the study of works of art such as metallographic microscopy, electronic microscopy, ion beam analysis, neutron activation analysis, multi-spectral imaging, X-ray fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, colorimetry and reflectometry, fiber optics reflectance spectroscopy.

Her Ph.D. research project was devoted to the “Development of methodological approaches for non-invasive characterization of metal artefacts of historical, archaeological and industrial interest, through neutron diffraction and imaging techniques”. During her research activity, she has developed a comprehensive study of the metallurgy of museum metal artefacts of historical and archaeological interest aiming to investigate composition, assembly methods, and structural variations pertaining to different cultures and historical environments. The study has been developed in cooperation with several Museum Institutions and some private collectors. For this investigation several experiments have been conducted at European facilities.  

Qualification and Achievements

  • PhD in Applied Physic from the University of Florence, Italy (2013)
  • Research Fellow at Institute of Complex System (ISC) – National Research Council (CNR) in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy (2014).