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Dr Giancarlo Pascali

Radiochemistry Team Leader, Camperdown

Role at ANSTO

Giancarlo leads the Radiochemistry team at ANSTO’s Camperdown campus. The group's tasks are related to the synthesis of new radiopharmaceuticals for preclinical imaging studies (mainly in collaboration with the Brain & Mind Centre at the University of Sydney), optimisation of labelling and production procedures, and basic studies on radiochemical development. His workgroup at ANSTO is at the forefront of research in microfluidic chemistry translated to radiopharmaceutical production and basic radiochemical development both in Australia and globally.


Giancarlo completed his PhD in Innovative Materials and Technologies at ISUFI (2004, Lecce, Italy) under the tutoring of P.A. Salvadori (IFC-CNR, Pisa, Italy) and W.C. Eckelman (NIH, Bethesda, MD USA), on the optimization of new radiolabelling approaches utilizing 94mTc, 64Cu and 18F. He was then appointed as responsible for the Toxicology department of BioClinical Analysis for the University of Pisa (2005).

He continued to collaborate on nuclear medicine related projects with the University of Milan, the Milan Policlinico Hospital and Eckert & Ziegler). He joined IFC-CNR in Pisa (2009) as Key Scientist under the EU funded “Radiochemistry On Chip” project on the development of a microfluidic platform for performing radiofluorinations. He was appointed (2011) as the QC responsible for the GMP production site of FDG in IFC-CNR, Pisa. He was involved as Key Scientist in ARISLA funded project (2012) for the development of imaging tracers for ALS disease.

Giancarlo joined ANSTO in January 2013 as the Radiochemistry Team Leader (Camperdown) in the LifeSciences division.

Research interests and areas of expertise

Giancarlo is the author of over 40 scientific publications and is regularly invited speaker at national and international congresses, mainly in the field of nuclear medicine, radiochemistry and microfluidics.

Giancarlo's areas of expertise include: organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, microfluidic chemistry, process automation, radiolabelling utilizing PET and SPECT nuclides, pharmaceutical characterization, imaging techniques.

His current research interests are focused on novel radiofluorination technologies, new 11C chemistry, microfluidic innovation, continuous processing, receptor studies, theranostics optimization, pre-targeting approaches, nanomaterials for drug delivery.

Qualifications & Achievements

PhD (Innovative Materials and Technologies) from the ISUFI-Universitá del Salento (2004) FARE Award (NIH, 2003) Master Degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pisa (2001, magna cum laude)