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Dr Greg Lumpkin

Dr Greg Lumpkin

Program Manager, Fuel Resources and Systems, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Role at ANSTO

Greg currently holds leadership positions for R&D activities at the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, including the broad aspects of Th-U mineral resources and more detailed aspects of research on advanced, accident tolerant nuclear fuel, cladding, and related materials. Following university training and experience in earth sciences, mineralogy (especially Th-U-REEs and rare metals), geochemistry, crystallography, and cosmochemistry, he joined ANSTO in 1989 to work on the development of Synroc ceramics designed for the remediation of high-level nuclear waste.


Structure-property relationships of rocks, minerals, and ceramics/metals, ion beam irradiation, radiation damage effects, electron microscopy and microanalysis, physical chemistry, and the general application of atomistic simulation methods (molecular dynamics and density functional theory) to understand the properties of crystalline and non-crystalline materials. Greg also has extensive experience in geochemistry and the behaviour of minerals and materials, e.g., their stabilities and dissolution rates in various corrosive environments. 

Qualifications and Achievements

•    Greg obtained his BSc in Geology and an MSc in Crystallography from Virginia Tech, and a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from the University of New Mexico. To be continued…

He has 280 publications in refereed journals, over 240 conference publications, 8 book chapters, 2 editorial works, and 1 patent.