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Dr Greg Storr

Greg Storr
Dr Greg Storr
Board member
  • ANSTO Board

Greg was the ANSTO executive responsible for the management of OPAL from construction to start-up leading to the establishment of a reliable and safe facility.

Greg is focused on solving strategic and technical issues in nuclear science, technology, change and people for technologically-based organisations both within Australia and internationally.   Over the past five years, he has been a leader or team member in 10 IAEA Expert safety missions in seven countries in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.  Greg has also been a team member in five IAEA assessments of international facilities for research reactors operations and utilisation in Belgium, Thailand and the USA.  In 2020, he was one of the experts on a three-person team that reviewed and advised the IAEA on its worldwide nuclear research reactor programs.


16 September 2021

Term concludes

15 September 2024