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Dr Inna Karatchevtseva

Dr Inna Karatchevtseva

Material scientist

Role at ANSTO

Dr Inna Karatchevtseva undertakes work at ANSTO in two main areas: defence industry research and fundamental materials research.

Defence industry research has been a major part of her role since 2015 when she became a project manager for DMTC projects 9.17 and later 9.69, “Production of single crystals via the solid state crystal growth process”.

She is also involved in research activities in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle group including Actinide Immobilisation and High-Temperature and Corrosion Performance of Candidate Structural Materials for Generation IV Reactor Systems. These projects rely predominantly on her expertise in advanced materials characterisation, including surface area measurements, particle size analysis, IR and Raman spectroscopies.


Advanced ceramic materials fabrication, surface area measurements, particle size analysis, IR and Raman spectroscopy

Qualifications and Achievements

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering from UNSW (2003)
  • DMTC Awards for Excellence Capability Improvement Award for “significant improvement in technical capability in the area of materials and/or manufacturing technology” (2018)
  • DMTC Project Leadership Award for  ndividual researchers whose efforts contribute significantly to the capability of a DMTC Industry Participant.  Recognition for contribution to the partnership with Thales Australia to develop an Australian supply chain for critical components of submarine sonar transducer equipment (2019)
  • Top researcher in ceramic engineering  in Australia as ranked by The Australian (2020)