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Dr Jessica Veliscek-Carolan

Dr Jessica Veliscek-Carolan

Research program manager, Spent Fuel Management, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Role at ANSTO

Jessica is the Research Program Manager, Spent Fuel Management in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. She is a Nuclear Chemist, researching novel materials for radiochemical separations. For example, these materials could be used to treat nuclear waste, because a lot of the elements in spent nuclear fuel are still potentially useful if they can be selectively separated out. These materials need to be tolerant to acid and radiation to be useful in a nuclear context. They also need to have high capacity for the element to be extracted, so porous materials with high surface areas are of interest. Functionalisation with organic ligands then provides selectivity for the element to be separated. Such materials have wide ranging potential applications beyond treatment of nuclear waste, such as in mining and wastewater clean-up.

Qualifications and Achievements

B. Sc. (Adv) (Hons I), University of Sydney (2007)
ANSTO Graduate Program, 2008-2012
PhD in Chemistry, University of Sydney (2016)



  • Radiochemical separations, porous materials, materials synthesis, nuclear chemistry, spectroscopy