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Dr Joseph Bevitt

Scientific Coordinator, Head of the Bragg Institute User Office and DINGO Instrument Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Dr Joseph Bevitt is the Scientific Coordinator and head of the Australian Centre for neutron Scattering User Office. In this role Joseph manages access to the 13 world-class neutron beam instruments at the OPAL nuclear research reactor at ANSTO, Lucas Heights. He provides scientific and technical advice to researchers during the submission of their proposals to use these facilities, and is responsible for the peer-review, approval and scheduling of all proposals. Joseph also coordinates the Institute’s outreach, technical training activities, workshops and conferences.

Dr Bevitt obtained his PhD in chemistry from the University of Sydney in 2006.  


As instrument scientist on the DINGO radiography/tomography/imaging station, Joseph is collaborating with both Australian and international museums and universities to pioneer the use of neutron microCT (3D imaging of objects using neutrons with micrometre resolution) in the areas of paleontology, archaeology and cultural heritage.  Namely, to digitally excavate and reconstruct fossiled remains; to investigate disease and medical practice in ancient time; and to determine methods of manufacturing ancient cultural artifacts.  Joseph also has expertise in the monitoring of kinetic processes such as guest exchange and gas adsorption in porous materials using both single-crystal and powder diffraction methods.

His expertise in research administration and research policy was gained through managing the implementation of the Australian Governments Excellence in Research for Australian (ERA) initiative at the University of Sydney. Also, as Executive Oofficer of the NSW Synchrotron Consortium, Dr Bevitt sought new opportunities for synchrotron science, facilitated access to and provided technical and scientific advice to a host of inaugural investors of the Australian Synchrotron infrastructure (13 universities and the NSW Science Agencies). 


Dr Bevitt is NSW President Elect of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and in this capacity he informs policy makers and promotes the sciences through forums with industry, government, community groups and the educational sector. He has a particular interest in the education and development opportunities for young scientists, and has authored extensive educational materials to that end. 

Access to the OPAL neutron-beam facility is available through the user office.