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Justin Davies

Dr Justin Davies

Leader, Radiation Technology

Role at ANSTO 

Justin currently manages a range of cobalt-60 irradiation facilities that provide low- and high-dose irradiation and dosimetry capabilities.


After completing a B Med Phys (Hons) in 1998, Justin worked in radiation metrology maintaining standards in radioactivity and dosimetry as well as in the Radiation Technology group before accepting his current position in 2005. He then completed a PhD in radiation dosimetry in 2013.

Research interests and areas of expertise

Justin’s expertise lies in ionising radiation dosimetry from low doses (e.g for life sciences) through to radiotherapy level and high-dose applications such as microbicidal effectiveness studies.

Qualifications & Achievements


PhD, University of Sydney (2013)

B Med Phys (Hons), University of Wollongong (1998)