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Dr Luiz Bortolan Neto

Dr Luiz Bortolan Neto
Dr Luiz Bortolan Neto
Structural Materials Engineer, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Role at ANSTO

Luiz Bortolan Neto received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Adelaide in 2014 and joined ANSTO Nuclear Fuel Cycle in April 2016 as a structural materials engineer. His research centres on the application of computational and mathematical methods to solve complex materials science problems, particularly those related to high strain rate events and radiation damage.


Solid mechanics, materials science, fracture mechanics, numerical methods in engineering, computational mechanics, machine learning.


Luiz has a BEng in Civil Engineering and MSc in Numerical Methods in Engineering. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and performed postdoctoral studies at the University of Adelaide under the direction of Prof Andrei Kotousov. Luiz has more than 10 years research experience developing and applying computational tools to solve and optimise non-linear structural engineering problems.