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Mark Peterson

Dr Mark Peterson


Role at ANSTO

Mark is involved in groundwater resources and water sustainability research. He specialises in the diffusion of radioactive and stable tracers in aquifers, groundwater age and other isotopic interpretations.

These techniques are valuable for understanding the connection pathways and flow rates between surface water and groundwater. The results contribute to quantifying water resources, water loss or contaminant transport pathways and mining subsidence impacts on water supply and the environment.


Water resources, apparent groundwater age, diffusion of radiotracers and stable tracers, isotopes in groundwater.

Qualifications & Achievements

  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Australia (2017)
  • Grad Dip Ed, University of Wollongong (2001)
  • BSc (Hons) Advanced - Geosciences, University of Wollongong (1999)