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Matthew Fischer

Dr Matthew Fischer

Research Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Matt Fischer is a Research Scientist with the "Isotopes 4 Water" project and the "Isotopes in Climate Change and Atmospheres" project in ANSTO Environment. He is currently involved in the IAEA project SWING2 and the ISIS working group. He is also involved in the collection and modelling of high resolution climate, palaeoclimate, cosmogenic isotope and stable water isotope data.


Isotope Modelling, Isotope hydrology, statistical models, inverse models, multivariate time-series analysis, geostatistics, cosmogenic isotopes, trajectory models.

Qualifications & Achievements

  • Ph.D. in Isotope Geosciences, University of Sydney (2003) Postdoctoral Fellow, ANSTO (2005-2007)
  • Coordinator for "Isotopes in the Project for Intercomparison of Land-surface Parameterizations (iPILPS)" (2005), which compared isotope, moisture and energy fluxes from land surface models used in current Global Climate Models.
  • Visiting Research Fellow on large NERC Grant "A calibrated climate record from Gibraltar speleothem" (NE/G007292/1, 2009-2012)