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Dr Ondrej Muransky

Dr Ondrej Muránsky

Lead, High Temperature and Molten Salt Corrosion Performance of Advanced Materials, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Role at ANSTO

Dr Ondrej Muránsky leads a research group focused on the high-temperature and molten-salt corrosion performance of materials for applications in low-carbon emission nuclear and non-nuclear energy-generation systems as well as molten-salt energy-storage systems. As a part of this research project, he leads the material research on the next generation nuclear systems, which are being developed under the Generation IV International Forum (GIF): (1) Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs), and (2) Very High-Temperature Reactors (VHTRs). Ondrej also works on a number of defence-related research projects focused on the development of numerical models for advanced manufacturing and their experimental validation using diffraction techniques. 


  • Metal plasticity (dislocation, twinning), and phase transformations in alloys investigated using the in-situ neutron/synchrotron diffraction techniques, microscopy (SEM, EBSD, EDS) crystal-plasticity and finite element modelling. 
  • Development of numerical models for assessment of welding-induced residual stress and distortion in weldments and additively-manufactured components and their critical validation using diffraction (neutron, synchrotron) techniques as well as the contour cutting technique. 
  • High temperature degradation and molten salt corrosion of alloys in service conditions of future energy-generation (Molten Salt Reactors, Very High-Temperature Reactors, Concentrated Solar Thermal) and energy-storage systems. 
  • Advanced analysis (machine learning, deep learning) of diffraction data and microscopy data for understanding of the degradation of materials in extreme environments of future energy-generation and energy-storage systems.


Ondrej obtained his PhD degree in 2006 at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the field of Physics of Condensed Matter and Material Research. In his work, Ondrej uses experimental and numerical methods to obtain data in order to understand the in-service performance of materials. He has over twelve years of post-PhD experience in working on multi-disciplinary international research, industrial and defence-related projects requiring experimental as well as numerical modelling expertise in the field of material research & engineering, manufacturing, solid mechanics and advanced data analysis. 


Ondrej holds Adjunct Senior Lecturer position at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Visiting Researcher position at the University of Manchester (UK), where he supervises and trains undergraduate and post-graduate students. 

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