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Pellegrini Paul research profile photo

Dr Paul Pellegrini


Role at ANSTO

Paul's contributions include the production of radionuclides of interest for ANSTO LifeSciences and its collaborating partners. He also labels molecules with radiometals for nuclear medicinal applications.


Before joining LifeSciences in 2006, Paul had performed contract work for ANSTO's radionuclide development program from 2003. He has experience in the production of 177Lu from reactor irradiated targets, as well as other radionuclides produced via reactors, cyclotrons and generators.

Research interests and areas of expertise

Paul's areas of interest are in the research and development of radiometals with potential for PET and SPECT diagnostics and therapeutic nuclear medicine applications. Paul has worked on the LifeSciences Radionuclide generator programme, including the PET relevant 68Ge/68Ga generator.

Qualifications & Achievements

Before receiving his PhD in radiopharmaceutical development from the University of Western Sydney (UWS) in collaboration with ANSTO, Paul also completed a BSc majoring in Chemistry and an MSc in Coordination Chemistry, also at UWS. Most recently, Paul attended the World Nuclear University's first School on Radioisotopes, held in Seoul in 2010.