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Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies

Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies
Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies
Lead Scientist – MX3 Beamline

Role at ANSTO

Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies is the acting Lead Scientist – MX3 Beamline and leads the technical design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the High Performance Macromolecular Crystallography (MX3) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron. He engages with and manages interactions with key stakeholders and the user-community to provide technical and scientific direction to the beamline construction project.

His expertise is in the fields of protein crystallography and beamline instrumentation. Prior to being appointed acting lead scientist for the MX3 beamline he was the principal scientist for the two MX beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron.

In addition to these duties, he also conducts his own independent research with projects ranging from methods development of fragment screening, bacterial pathogenesis, blood clotting, and cytolysins.


Protein crystallography, beamline optics, robotics, instrumentation, software development, automation, management.