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Dr Vu Nguyen

Vu Nguyen

Dr Vu Nguyen

Radiopharmacology Interface/Radiotracer Evaluation Co-ordinator

Role at ANSTO

Dr Nguyen applies his knowledge in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics to radiotracer evaluation at ANSTO LifeSciences for their various aspects, including tumour and brain imaging. He also facilitates further radiopharmacological research for potential tracers, research collaborators or commercial entities. 


Dr Nguyen studied Pharmacy and obtained a Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy at the University of South Australia (Adelaide). After graduating, he joined Faulding Pharmaceuticals (Adelaide) and specialised in sustained release antibiotics, NSAIDs and narcotic analgesics until 1991.

Since joining ANSTO, Vu has participated in various projects including cancer imaging, neuroimaging and clinical trials for radiopharmaceuticals. He has been Principal Investigator for a number of joint projects with business partners including:

  • Agen Biomedicals Ltd in the contract research project “Stability and Safety Investigations of Thromboview®, a diagnostic agent for the imaging of Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis”
  • The Wollongong University/Newcastle University in “Antagonists of Corticotropin Releasing Hormone as therapeutic agents for the prevention of premature birth in humans”.

Research Interests and Areas of Expertise

Research Infrastructure• In vitro drug evaluation: drug characterisation, affinity, selectivity, specificity, stability and metabolism, mechamistic and functionality investigations.• In vivo drug evaluation: drug characterisation, selectivity, specificity, stability, metabolism, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, animal model development, pathogenesis investigations.

Research Themes• Neurosciences, neurological disorders, drug abuse and cancer.• Radiopharmacology interface between internal ANSTO projects and between ANSTO and universities/industry to enhance the use and visibility of LifeSciences radiotracers through advanced research co-ordination and/or liaising with internal or external collaborators.

Integration/Innovation• Project management, project planning, study design and execution to meet milestones, timelines and expected outcomes.• Radiopharmacology Interface between internal ANSTO projects; and between ANSTO and universities/industry to enhance Lifesciences radiotracers’ usage and visibility through advanced research co-ordination and/or liaising with internal or external collaborators.

Qualifications and Achievements

  • PhD. (Pharmacology) - Sydney University
  • Grad. Cert. (Radiopharmacy Practice) – Monash University/The Victorian College of Pharmacy
  • BPharm. – The University of South Australia

Professional affiliations

  • Reviewer and Editor for the quarterly J. Nucl. Med. & Mol. Imaging (Pharmacology Section)
  • Member of The Australian College of Pharmacy