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Michela Semeraro

Michela Semeraro
Michela Semeraro
Lead Engineer, Nanoprobe beamline

Role at ANSTO 

Michela Semeraro is the Lead Engineer for the BRIGHT Nanoprobe, a 100 m-long hard X-ray microscope. This beamline hosts instrumentation for nanoscale elemental, chemical and structural analysis.

She leads all engineering aspects of the beamline, from the design to manufacturing and installation of optical components. She brings valuable expertise to the team, working closely with the beamline scientists to realise the science goals by delivering a world-class instrument.

She shares responsibility for the Nanoprobe Satellite Building construction project to build a customised laboratory that requires extreme levels of mechanical and thermal stability.

Prior to working at ANSTO, Michela developed metrology methods and techniques for the superconducting magnets of the Large Hadron Collider upgrade at CERN in Geneva.


Nanoprobe, Nanopositioning, high-stability mechanics, mechatronics, leading engineering projects