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Mr Allan Perry

Technical Officer

Role at ANSTO

Allan is responsible for maintaining the Radiation Technology facilities in accordance with ARPANSA, TGA, ISO9001 regulations and requirements, and for ensuring that equipment used holds a current calibration certificate. He is the accredited operator of the GATRI, GC220 and gammapond irradiation facilities and processes materials in accordance with ASTM, AQIS, TGA and AS standards.


Allan started with ANSTO in 1990 at ARI (now ANSTO Health) where he was responsible for manufacturing sealed and unsealed medical and non-medical isotope sources and devices. Allan joined Radiation Technology in 2003 as a Production Technician processing medical and non-medical items in the gamma irradiation facilities as an accredited operator. Since 2006 Allan has taken on the added responsibilities of maintaining the facilities, being a lead co-ordinator of facility replenishments, and developing irradiation rigs for the facilities. Allan performs dosimetry services for both ANSTO and non-ANSTO use.

Research interests and areas of expertise

Allan focusses on improving safety and making the Radiation Technology facilities more efficient in radiation processing and dosimetry services.

Qualifications & Achievements

Allan holds diplomas in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, is a Senior First Aider and C1 Contractor Supervisor, as well as holding Crane and dogman licences.