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Andrew Berry Staff Profile Image

Mr Andrew Berry

Team Leader, NBI2 Data Acquisition

Role at ANSTO

Andrew is the team leader of the NBI2 Data Acquisition and Electronics Group which is responsible for procurement, design, development, installation,  commissioning and maintenance of  neutron detection, data acquisition and control systems used on each of the new Major capital works and 2nd Neutron Beam Instruments at the OPAL neutron beam facility.

Andrew's expertise includes position sensitive and Energy resolving detection of X-ray, electron and Infrared detection, development of fast multichannel data acquisition, design of analogue and  digital electronics including Field programmable gate arrays, ASICs and system level modeling engineering for Synchrotron  and medical instrumentation applications, resulting in over 35 journal and conference publications.

Andrew started as an electrical design apprentice for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), Risley UK. In 1979 he joined the Science Research Council  (SRC) in Daresbury UK, specializing initially in the development of hardware for data acquisition systems for the Synchrotron radiation source and the Nuclear structure facility. In 1990 he transferred to the European synchrotron to design a two dimensional gas detector imaging system based around a VXI dual Time to digital Convertor. On return to the Daresbury,  he became part of the surface science team before transferring in the detectors group to work on The SAX/WAX Rapid 2 system. In 2003, Andrew moved to Melbourne to work in the Monash Centre for Synchrotron Science at Monash University to work for the Collaborative research centre for biomedical imaging development CRCBID on an energy resolving pixel detector of medical applications.

Qualifications, achievements and memberships


• BEng (Hons) Manchester Metropolitan University (2002).• Chartered Engineer, CEng• Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (MIET)