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David Garton

Mr David Garton

Leader, Accelerator Operations

Role at ANSTO

David Garton leads the Accelerator Operations Task in the Institute for Environmental Research. His Task is responsible for the safe, efficient and reliable operation and maintenance of ANSTO's 10MV ANTARES and 2MV STAR accelerators. He has worked at ANSTO since 1981 spending the majority of his time working on projects utilising the accelerators including the now decommissioned, 3MV Van de Graaff accelerator.

His capabilities extend into the design and development of sample analysis end stations and the operation and maintenance of ion sources where he uses his expertise in electronics, mechanical and vacuum engineering. He has developed strong ties with other Australian and overseas accelerator laboratories to share and enhance core accelerator knowledge for the benefit of ANSTO. He has also designed and developed innovative field monitoring and sample collecting equipment that is used around Australia and overseas.