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Mr Ferdi Franceschini

Senior Scientific Programmer

Role at ANSTO

Ferdi Franceschini graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney in 1988 with a degree in Applied Physics. While he was working on his degree he worked briefly at the CSIRO and at the Department of Main Roads. At the CSIRO he was part of a team that was developing induced and self potential prospecting techniques to map oil and gas fields. At the DMR he developed software which determined the weight of heavy vehicles as they passed over strain gauges placed under culverts. After graduating he worked at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the University of Sydney on a rotating plasma centrifuge with the goal of developing an inexpensive method for separating isotopes. Following that he then worked at Access Linux to develop an Australian Linux distribution which would provide an easy transition for Windows users. He then went on to work at Tuxia Labs Australia on embedded Linux applications. At the start of April in 2004 he began working on the software interface for the Neutron Beam Instruments Project at ANSTO for the OPAL reactor.