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Mr Gene Davidson

Professional Officer

Role at ANSTO

Gene Davidson is an Instrument Neutron Beam Professional: Provides neutron beam expertise with respect to, the neutron guides, neutron flux measurements, neutron detection and neutron spectrometry. Provides professional research and laboratory support, to assist the scientific users of the neutron beam facility in performing their experiments. 

Gene has a background in experimental physics. Before joining ANSTO in 2001 he attended the University of Sydney pursuing a PhD in astrophysics and the University of Chicago working for the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica and wintered-over at the South Pole in 2000 with the DASI telescope. He initially joined ANSTO Environment working with the Sulfide Solutions Research Project, building and maintaining instrumentation for mine sites. He is now with the Neutron Beam Instrument Project. 

Qualifications & Achievements 

  • BSc, University of Waikato (Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • MSc (Hons), University of Waikato (Hamilton, New Zealand)