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Mr Nicholas Howell

Mr Nicholas Howell
Radiation Biologist, NST Human Health

Role at ANSTO

Nick is a radiation biologist who works for the NST Human Health research theme.

Areas of expertise and research interests

Nick has expertise in radiobiology and the application of radiological, nuclear and accelerator-based techniques for the study of biological organisms, systems and equilibriums. He is co-developer of the concept of Neutron Capture Enhanced Particle Therapy (NCEPT), a novel adjunct to particle therapy invented by ANSTO in collaboration with UOW and QST. Nick is part of the current collaborative effort to develop a radiation biology capability at ANSTO's Centre for Accelerator Sciences (CAS). Nick has a passion for all things biology but enjoys applying his skills widely and can often be found working with scientists from divergent backgrounds. Nicks tranferable skills include image acquisition (microscopy, autoradiography, ion beam, X-ray fluorescence) and image/data analysis (ImageJ, Prism, Python), all the while remaining solidly grounded in cell biology, biochemistry and pharmacology. 

"There is nothing permanent except change"  ~Heraticus

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Graduating from Macquarie University with a BSc in Biotechnology, Nicholas has been working at ANSTO as a biologist for 14 years.