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Ms Marina Cagnes

Ms Marina Cagnes
Ms Marina Cagnes
Deuteration Facility Chemist, National Deuteration Facility

Role at ANSTO:

Marina is a facility chemist at ANSTO’s National Deuteration Facility. She is currently working on the bioproduction of deuterated sterols for neutron scattering studies. She also provides technical and administrative support to the Biodeuteration laboratories.

Marina joined the National Deuteration Facility as a laboratory technician in 2015, and became experienced with Parr deuteration. She had previously worked as a quality control chemist in industry.
Marina was seconded to the role of laboratory manager at ANSTO’s Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering in 2019 before returning to the National Deuteration Facility in 2020 in her current role.

BSc (Adv) (Hons I), The University of Sydney, 2007-2010