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Detection & Imaging

CORIS360® - New radiation imaging solution

Find out more about advanced radiation imaging with CORIS360®

With its compressive sensing technology, CORIS360® is exceptionally fast at pinpointing the exact location of radiation sources.

How CORIS360® delivers value 

Overlaying a 360° x 90° radiation image onto a panoramic optical image of the scene, makes interpretation much easier. 

The spectroscopic detector at the heart of the imager enables the accurate visualisation and identification of sources across a broad energy range

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CORIS360® key benefits

Better data for improved operational decision making in radioactive environments

CORIS360® acquires high quality images with up to 10 times fewer samples than traditional methods, delivering significant savings in time, money and resources

Overlaying a wide 360° x 90° radiation image onto a panoramic optical image in a single acquisition, makes interpretation easy

CORIS360® enables the accurate visualisation and identification of isotope specific, and scattered, sources of radiation across a broad energy range to gain a greater understanding of work environments

Imaging of multiple point sources as well as extended sources

User friendly, portable and versatile system able to be configured for different dose rate environments
Remotely operated to keep workers safe

CORIS360® key features 

Large field of view

Unprecedented scene visualisation with a 360° optical and gamma field of view

Simultaneous imaging of multiple radionuclides over a broad energy range (40 keV – 3 MeV)

Wide field of view (360° x 90°)


Fast, precise imaging

Compressed sensing imaging quickly and accurately localises radiation sources

Spectroscopic detector to provide full spectral imaging

Rapid identification of sources

Ability to detect the presence of neutrons

High sensitivity (max detector crystal volume of 44 cm3)


Easy to use

Plug & play detector modules provide optimised operation for low to high dose rate environments

Easy to set up, ready to use in 2 minutes

User-friendly with an intuitive interface

Compact, portable design, well-suited for indoor and outdoor use