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Nuclear medicine processing and distribution

Nuclear medicines are assembled, loaded and tested at ANSTO's nuclear medicine facility before being distributed to hospitals all around Australia. 

A bright future for nuclear medicine in Australia

The nuclear medicine community has welcomed the Australian Government’s decision to provide $30 million in funding to ANSTO for the design of a new nuclear medicine manufacturing facility.

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Nuclear medicine products

If you’ve had a scan for heart disease or cancer, it’s likely you have benefited from the nuclear medicine manufacture and production here at ANSTO.

Tc-99m is the most important and commonly used nuclear medicine in the world today. Tc-99m is used to diagnose a variety of heart, lung, cancer and skeletal conditions.  


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A key role in Australia’s nuclear medicine production

Technetium-99m or Tc-99m is the most important and commonly used nuclear medicine in Australia and the world.

ANSTO's nuclear medicine processing and distribution facility supports the distribution of Tc-99m and numerous other health products across Australia. 


Step 1 - Building 80

Step 2 - ANM Building 

Step 3 - Building 23


A uranium alloy target is irradiated in the OPAL multipurpose reactor. Some of the uranium fissions into a range of isotopes, including Molybdenium-99 (Mo-99).

The manufacturing facility separates out the Mo-99. The bulk Mo-99 produced is suitable for export, but not for direct use in clinical settings.

The facility assembles, loads, tests and distributes 'finished' products including Mo-99. The Mo-99 is dispensed into an ANSTO radiopharmaceutical Gentech® Generator, where it decays to Tc-99m.

These are delivered to hospitals and nuclear medicine practices across Australia.

The journey of nuclear medicine

Take a behind the scenes look as nuclear medicine makes its way from the OPAL reactor to medical centres around Australia.

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