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Cancer cells

Radiolabelled probes for improved health

This research focuses on the development of radioactive probes and imaging techniques which optimise the assessment of a functional status of a disease, and to tailor radio-ligands that enable the best therapeutic plan for patients.

The use of radiolabelled probes to improve health currently has two components:

  • Follow up of disease progression and therapy benefits
  • Help to adjust therapeutic strategy for each patient (personalised medicine)

There are three main directions for research:

  • To develop novel radiochemistry methodology and radiolabelling techniques to improve radiolabelling efficiencies, and to decrease radiolabelling time via macro and microfluidic and microwave technologies
  • To develop novel radioligands (small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells or particles) for imaging (PET, SPECT) and targeted radioisotope therapy
  • To optimise imaging and quantification techniques for new radio-isotopes and various organs of interest