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National Deuteration Facility

National Deuteration Facility

The National Deuteration Facility offers the facilities and expertise to produce molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is replaced with deuterium. This enables complex investigations of the relationship between the structure of molecules and their function using neutron scattering and other techniques.


The National Deuteration Facility is the only facility of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. It is partially funded by the National Research Infrastructure for Australia initiative. This unique facility offers molecular deuteration using both in vivo biodeuteration and chemical deuteration techniques.

Deuteration enables investigation of the relationship between molecular structure and function of molecules of both biological and synthetic origin for the benefit of the science community and the Australian community at large.

How it works

Deuteration involves the production of molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is in the form of the stable (non-radioactive) isotope deuterium (2H or D).

Hydrogen and deuterium


The National Deuteration Facility is partly supported by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy – an initiative of the Australian Government.