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Sample mountings

Sample mountings

Sample changers

Several temperature controlled or rotating samples changers for small angle neutron scattering (SANS) instruments are available for use, as well as robots for powder diffraction and texture measurements. A variety of sample cells for SANS instruments are also available.

Sample alignment robots

We have a range of Eulerian cradles and a robotic goniometer for sample alignment

Sample positioning probes

Our furnaces and cryostats are automatically provided with an accompanying sample positioning probe. However, specialised probes are available to extend the temperature range or add gas delivery capabilities to some furnaces and cryofurnaces. Please consult with the Sample Environment group before booking any of these specialised probes.

Pressure devices

We have a variety of pressure devices available including a load frame, a Paris-Edinburgh cell, and several sample cells for gas delivery experiments. Please contact the Sample Environment group for advice regarding the selection of pressure devices.