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High energy heavy ion microprobe

Space Radiation Testing – Technical

ANSTO operates multiple sources for radiation testing including GATRI, Ion-beam accelerators and the Australian Synchrotron.

Level 2 TID testing - Cobalt-60 (GATRI) Source

Source type Co60 plaque array
Energy spectrum Gamma (1.17 & 1.33 MeV)
Irradiation dose rate ~ 10 - 50 Rad/s (without secondary shielding)
  • Common international standards
  • Intact components and circuits (ie not decapped)
  • Large irradiation cell (>20 m3)

Level 3 SEE testing – Ion Beam Accelerator Source

Source Type Ion accelerator (H, He, C, O, metals; light and heavy ions)
Energy spectrum Variable ion energies (1 – 10 MeV/u, depending on ion type)
Irradiation dose rate 10 mRad/s – 100 kRad/s (107 dynamic range)


  • Variable energy deposition (1 - 500 keV/um) and penetration depth (10nm – 1mm)
  • Area scanning or single spot (down to 0.001mm) focussed irradiations
  • Steered beam scanning area up to 3x3mm (scan rate 0.1 – 10kHz)
  • Maximum physical translation across beam : 100mm in vacuum, 300mm in air
  • Specimen can be irradiated in-vacuum or at atmospheric pressure

Level 2.5 TID & LID Testing - Synchrotron X-ray Source    

Source Type Superconducting Multipole Wiggler on 3GeV electron storage ring
Energy spectrum     30 – 120 keV (monochromatic)
Irradiation dose rate From background up to 3.5 kRad/s @ 40keV
  • Area irradiation or single spot (100x30 down to 0.1x0.1mm)
  • High spot dose rate can provide point to point radiation exposure
  • Ability to image and/or irradiate intact electronic components and circuits
  • Intact components and circuits (ie not decapped) can be tested during irradiation


Commercial Technical Consultant 

Dr David Cookson

Dr David Cookson