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TSPO expression in the hippocampal region of a mouse brain

Understanding the biological response to radiation

Our health researchers focus on understanding the impact of radiation as a therapeutic dose or low dose on biological systems. It includes ensuring the precise delivery of radiation and measurements of radiation. 

The knowledge gained by this research will be used to improve the delivery of radiotherapy and the management of exposures.

There are three main areas of investigation:

  • Determining the role that mitochondria play in the response to radiation with a particular focus on neuroinflammation
  • Developing sensors to monitor and measure the biological response to radiation 
  • Devising modulation or mitigation strategies for radiation exposure to improve health outcomes 

These investigations are undertaken in association with the Biosciences group, the Australian Synchrotron, the Centre for Accelerator Science, Isotope Tracing in natural Systems and the Australian Centre for neutron Scattering 

Collaborations welcome

Talented Honours, PhD students and Post Doc Fellows are invited to join our team.