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Technical Information - X-ray fluorescence microscopy
X-ray fluorescence microscopy

Technical Information - XFM beamline

The beamline has two probes optimised for studies at length-scales spanning 2 orders of magnitude.  A milliprobe has a resolution of around 100 µm and a Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) mirror microprobe is optimised for applications requiring high flux at the micron length scale. These systems can be used to obtain maps of elemental distribution and for a range of spectroscopic applications such as determining oxidation state and speciation.

Beamline Properties


In-Vacuum Undulator
n = 90 periods, 22 mm length

MonochromationSi DCM, <1,1,1> OR <3,1,1> reflection
Energy Range4.1 - 27 keV
Energy ResolutionΔE/E ~ 10-4


Typical probe performance (10 keV)
Focusing methodmilliprobemicroprobe 
Resolution[µm]50 - 2001 - 5 
Scan range [mm * mm]600 * 1200140 * 100 
Flux @ coarsest resolution [ph/s]10124 . 1011 
Flux density [ph/s/µm2]1061010 


Detector characteristics
TypeVortex EM-90Maia Rev C or D


Minimum Energy1.6 keV2.0 keV
Solid Angle0.1 sr1.1 sr
Peak count rate500 kHz1.4 MHz
Energy Resolution [eV]120275


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