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3D design and printing
School holiday workshop

3D Design and Printing Full Day Workshop

Tue 29 Jun at 9.30am - Tue 29 Jun at 3.00pm
Venue ANSTO Discovery Centre
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW 2234
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8 - 14 years

In this workshop you'll be learning the basics of 3D design and printing by making your own custom name tags, 3D characters and other objects. We'll be using to design our digital creations. All models designed on the day but not finished will be mailed out to your address after the workshop. Because 3D printers are fun but very slow, we'll also be using our 3D pens to hand-make fun designs limited only by your imagination!

All workshops are delivered by accredited educators with experience in science, engineering, programming and robotics.

Safety note: 3D printing with PLA filament can release small amounts of fumes. While we run this workshop in a well ventilated environment, as a precaution, we recommend anyone suffering from severe allergic asthma attend a different ANSTO school holiday workshop.

Please bring food, drinks and a hat for morning tea and lunch breaks. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the workshop at the ANSTO Discovery Centre.