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CSI Forensics Workshop - Multiple dates
School holiday workshop

CSI Forensics Workshop

Tue 8 Oct at 9.00am - Tue 8 Oct at 12.00pm
Venue ANSTO Discovery Centre
New illawarra road, Lucas Heights
NSW 2234
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Ages 8 – 12

This forensic science workshop is designed to intrigue budding super sleuths who enjoy their science mixed with a bit of drama. Workshop includes:

  • Fingerprinting and blood typing
  • Facial reconstruction through computer and real models
  • Hair and fibre analysis
  • Fluorescence of oils and DNA comparisons
  • Latent image detection, chromatography and shoe impression casting
  • Evidence collection and more

Time is also spent discussing why crime scenes are isolated from the public, why certain evidence is more valuable than others and why a clear chain of evidence is needed from the crime scene to the eventual court case.