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Exploring Glass

Exploring Glass

Wed 17 Aug at 11.00am - Wed 17 Aug at 12.00pm
Venue YouTube live stream

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Exploring Glass brings together four Australian Government scientists in an online panel to share their work with glass and how this common material is used in very different ways.

Aimed at high school students from Years 7 – 12, this event brings scientists from ANSTO, CSIRO, Defence Science and Technology Group and Geoscience Australia together for engaging session showcasing the work of Australian scientists. Topics covered include:

  • How super mirrors with special reflecting surfaces are needed to move neutrons
  • Why glass is so important for imaging and sensing the world around us
  • How to make a hydrophone for underwater sensing using glass fibre optic lasers
  • Why silica, a key building block for glass, is now on the critical minerals list

With the opportunity to hear form these amazing scientists and ask them questions live, this is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate National Science Week in 2022. Just follow the link to the Defence Science and Technology YouTube page to watch the live stream on August 17, or you can watch the video at any time following the event.

Live questions can be asked on the YouTube live stream, on Twitter using #exploringglass or emailed prior to the event.