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ANSTO School Holiday Workshop
School holiday workshop

Exploring Science

A fun half-day of hands-on science for kids, delivered in partnership with Fizzics Education.

Tue 23 Apr at 1.00pm - Tue 23 Apr at 4.00pm
Venue ANSTO Discovery Centre
New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights NSW 2234
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Children aged 8-12 years

Audience: Children aged 8-12 years.

Awesome kids science holiday fun! Covering light, sound, movement, energy changes, air pressure and more as your child uses the hands-on science toys and experiments themselves. Plus our demonstrator will show you how can you sit on a chair of nails and shoot fog rings across the room... and you'll get to make gooey slime, giant bubbles & more!

So much to do - the kids absolutely love it!

Workshop delivered in partnership with Fizzics Education.